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 Louis Vuitton Inspired Cuir Nuance Hobo Bag images

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Louis Vuitton Inspired Cuir Nuance Hobo Bag

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New price: $149

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 ONLY White is Available, Purple is SOLD OUT

  • Made in Canada
  • Size L27*H30*W12CM
  • The distinctive features of its elegant,pared-down design are hand-pleated leather tassels and the emblematic LV padlock and key bell.Inside the bag,a removable pouch is perfect for stowing valuables,will become ever more beautiful the longer it is used. 
  • Elbow or hand carry 
  • Golden handware 
  • Comes with detachable Shoulder Strap
  • Suede leather lining
  • Design in inspired from Louis Vuitton Cuir Nuance form the Summer/Spring collection 

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Category: Handbags